Dominica Passport, Who is eligible?

All citizens of Dominica are eligible for a Dominica passport which further entitles any Dominica citizens to free movement in the Caribbean regions and in most cases offers visa free travel around the world. As with most developing countries, Dominica passports have been redesigned for security purposes and to meet global requirements are now fully ‘machine readable’ making it acceptable for entry into a lot more countries including the British Commonwealth. The older handwritten Dominica passport is no longer accepted and holders may be denied entry across borders in the world. All holders of older Dominica passports are required to replace these expired Dominica passports with the new machine readable Dominica passports.
Persons can become eligible for a Dominica passport by the following:

  • Birth: Any person born in Dominica by Dominica parents at the date of their birth is automatically a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica and eligible for a Dominica passport. Also children born in Dominica to foreign nationals can upon registration at the local registry obtain a passport
  • Inheritance or Ancestry: Persons born abroad to Dominica parents at the date of his birth shall become a Dominica citizen. As citizen the child is eligible to hold a Dominica passport.
  • Legal Adoption: Anybody under the age of eighteen years, who is adopted in a manner recognized by law by a Dominica citizen
  • Naturalization: citizens of foreign birth who have resided in Dominica for at least five years can adopt the citizenship of Dominica and consequently receive eligibility for a Dominica passport.
  • Marriage/ Residency: persons married to a Dominica citizen can after a period of residency on the island for at least three years, apply for a passport. However individuals must remain married within that time and reside lawfully: in possession of a valid work permit and residence permit.
  • Economic Citizenship Program: through this program individuals can make a onetime non refundable contribution to the Commonwealth of Dominica which qualifies them for Economic Citizenship and in extension a second passport from the Commonwealth of Dominica.

In order to apply for the Commonwealth of Dominica passport from the individuals must first obtain the following and submit it to Dominica Immigration department:

  1. Dominica Passport application fees – Payment of EC$100 to the Dominica Treasury for adults and EC$50 for children under the Age of 16
  2. Treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee (applicants are no longer required to obtain stamps for passport applications)
  3. 2 recent passport size photos (35mmx45mm). the photo must be full faced
  4. Copy of your original birth certificate/ or certificate of naturalization
  5. Fill out a Passport application form distributed by the Immigration department at the police station (however Children under the age of 16 must have their parents or legal guardian sign the application form stating their relationship to the child).

The normal processing time for a Dominica passport is two weeks. However in the event of an emergency; case of illness and business, passports can be processed almost immediately or within three working days.

A Dominica passport provides an expanded ability to live, or work in any CARICOM country, which in addition to Dominica is Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Kitts And Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. A longstanding CARICOM initiative is the free movement of goods, services and people throughout all the member states. Dominica Passports are valid for 10 years and for 5 years for children under the age of 16. Holders of a Passport from the Commonwealth of Dominica can travel visa free to more than one hundred countries including: Great Britain, Hong Kong and Singapore.