Dominica Passport Program

The Commonwealth of Dominica promotes a successful legal second passport and citizenship program. The Commonwealth of Dominica is one of only two Caribbean island nations offering an economic citizenship (by investment) program. Dominica and the twin island nation of St Kitts Nevis have implemented an economic citizenship program which grants citizenship and a Dominica passport in lieu of a contribution/investment venture.

This legal and official Dominica citizenship by investment program goes my many names including: Dominica economic Citizenship Program, Dominica Citizenship Program, Dominica passport program and the Dominica Second passport program.

Chapter VII of the constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica sets out the conditions under which Dominica citizenship can be obtained or granted. One of which is through the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme which was later introduced into the act. Economic Citizenship meant that for a onetime donation to the government, persons could apply for Dominica Citizenship and a legal second passport.

Dominica Legal Second Passport program, gives international investors an opportunity to obtain legitimate dual citizenship and second passport. Under the Dominica Economic Citizenship or 2nd Passport program qualifying citizens are automatically eligible for a (Dominica) second passport. Applicants do not however have to denounce their current citizenship, the Dominica Second Passport program permits dual citizenship.

Dominica Economic Citizenship offers applicant, applicant’s spouse and dependent children citizenship for life and renewable second passports. Applications for Dominica citizenship and a second Dominica passport can only be processed through a registered local citizenship agent. The agent cannot be registered or based outside the Commonwealth of Dominica. This is to avoid the occurrence of any illegal activities or fraud. In order to choose an agent make that they are located on island, have experience in processing Dominica passport and citizenship applications, is a government endorsed and licensed agent.

The Dominica passport program has been revised and as of September 1 2012 changes will be made to the investment amounts and the packages offered. These changes have been updated here. The investment amount for a single applicant is US$100,000. An applicant and spouse will make an investment of US $175,000 and applicant with spouse and two children below eighteen will make an investment of US$200,000 to the Dominica economic citizenship program. Applicants with more than the stipulated number of children can apply for these children as additional provisions are made for these situations but additional investments must be made.

There are additional procedural, professional and legal fees which are payable in advance and is also non refundable.

Application for Legal Second Passport

These are the procedural steps to apply for Dominica citizenship and a legal second passport (remember, this process is conducted through a local agent who would be familiar with the application requirements for the Dominica Citizenship Program):

  • A completed application form for the Dominica Economic Citizenship or Dominica Second Passport Program.
  • Two personal references for an investor (main applicant), spouse and children over 18 years.
  • One original professional reference- reference should be from a person who is familiar with the investor’s work for at least three years.
  • An original recommendation from the investor’s banker. Investor must be a client of the bank for at least two years.
  • Letter of employment for the investor.
  • Affidavit by investor stating source of funds.
  • Marriage certificate if necessary, if applicant is divorced and has remarried a notarized copy of the Dissolution of marriage is required.
  • A letter of application to the Honorable Minister for Legal Affairs stating the reason(s) for applying for Dominica economic citizenship.
  • Police clearance certificate or similar document from a law enforcement agency showing the absence of a criminal record for all applicants sixteen years and over.

Due Diligence for Economic Citizenship

There is no set time frame for processing applications for Dominica citizenship since it is mandatory for applicants to undergo the Due Diligence procedure before the application can be processed.

The cost of the Due Diligence investigation is the responsibility of the applicant and is not a set price, the price is set by the agency to which it is assigned, chosen by the Government of Dominica. The cost of the Due Diligence investigation varies from US$2,000 to US$10,000 and more, the price differs according to:

  • The number of applicants in the family
  • The age of the applicants
  • Nationality of the applicants and permanent residence
  • Country of last domiciliation
  • The number of times that the applicant may have changed his or their country of residence.

This thorough due diligence procedure is necessary for all applications to the Dominica Second Passport program. It helps to maintain the integrity of the economic citizenship program and to ensures that Dominica citizenship and Dominica passports are granted to individuals who are of good standing, good character and who should contribute positively to Dominica; it is a process to filter out criminals and unwanted characters from the country.

The investigation may take up to an estimated period of three to four weeks, however in the case of an applicant who has lived in a number of countries, some of which who are not fully computerized the procedure will be longer. The fees generally tend to be cheaper for a person who has lived their life solely in one country.

Dominica Citizenship Application Process Continued

Once the due diligence check is conducted (and the results are satisfactory) the results of the check are forwarded to the Financial Services Unit of the Ministry of Finance. After careful consideration of the information provided by the applicant, the agent will be issued a comfort letter from the Minister of Finance which serves as a letter of invitation. Upon receipt of the comfort letter, the applicant will transfer the stipulated amount into the Government escrow account at the National Bank of Dominica.

An applicant and the family must undertake a formal interview before Dominica citizenship can be granted under the legal second passport program. The interview is conducted by a special commission appointed by the Minister of Finance. Interviews are conducted in English in Dominica, at a time convenient with the applicant and the special committee.

If the application is recommended by the interviewing committee for further processing then it will be forwarded to the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Immigration and Labor (this is the Ministry responsible for economic citizenship). Upon final approval of the Dominica Citizenship application by the Minister for Legal Affairs each applicant is required to sign an oath of allegiance before a Notary Public, Justice of Peace or Commissioner of oaths. A certificate of Naturalization is then prepared and sent to the applicant’s agent.

Once citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica is granted (Dominica) second passports can be issued. The individual is not obligated to remain on island for the Dominica passport. As soon as the immigration department receives the necessary documents for a passport application, the passport can be sent via courier postal service.

The validity of a Dominica passport is ten years. Dominica Economic Citizenship Program or Second Passport Program provides a wealth of opportunities that would have otherwise been unattainable. The option of Economic Citizenship and a Dominica passport is not for everybody, this is something that can be undertaken generally by wealthy persons. It is however a cheaper legal option to obtain instant second citizenship and (Dominica) second passport. Dominica’s Economic citizenship or Second Passport programme has the advantage of privacy and security.

Applicants for Dominica economic citizenship do not have to be weary of their home country being contacted about their plans for second citizenship. The government of Dominica does not inform the applicants’ country of origin about the venture. This added benefit of security gives investors an opportunity to be free from terrorist activity, political instability and the avoidance of compulsory military service for nationals of countries such as France and Britain.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a pristine, island located in the eastern Caribbean. The island has remained remarkably, untouched and unspoilt by human activities and mass tourism.

Additionally, Dominica is a full service and well regulated offshore tax with a wide range of offshore products enabling efficient asset protection and money management opportunities. And though Dominica the offshore jurisdiction is not as well known as countries such as Caymans, British Virgin Island and Bahamas, it is one of the highly regarded, and well administrated offshore centers