Lost Or Stolen Dominica Passport

Holders of Passports of the Commonwealth of Dominica are always advised by the immigration department to take special care to secure their passports. Citizens of Dominica go through a relatively hassle free process to obtain a passport. However if the passport becomes lost or stolen the passport holder must report it to the local police station immediately.
As a member of CARICOM and the OECS, Dominica nationals can travel throughout the eastern Caribbean on their driver’s license card or social security card. Dominica citizens enjoy visa free travel throughout the English speaking Caribbean as well as most British Commonwealth nations. In the unfortunate event of having your passport lost or stolen there is a certain procedure one must go through:

  • The lost or stolen passport must be reported to the police station’s immigration department
  • Individuals can apply for a new passport once the report has been made, however the application fee is EC$500 compared to the price of applying for a passport which is EC$100.
  • A certificate of identity is issued to persons who need to travel and do not have a passport. It is a temporary document given to a person who has encountered a lost or stolen passport. The document expires as soon as the individual returns to Dominica.
  • A Travel permit or Emergency permit can be issued to persons who have had their passports stolen or missing in the event of an emergency. The permit though is issued on emergency cases to Dominica citizens travelling to English speaking Caribbean countries, except Tortola. The individual must provide proof of the emergency.

Dominica citizens abroad should always secure their travel documents and carry their passports with them at all times for identification overseas. However if the passport goes missing or is stolen, nationals should report to the nearest Dominica Embassy or Consulate. The Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica will record the loss or theft of your passport and forward the information to the identity and passport service.
As a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations, Dominica Nationals abroad can also report to a British Foreign and Commonwealth office consulate or a High Commission if the country does not have an embassy for the British Commonwealth. All cases of theft of a Passport must be reported to the local police in an effort to reduce the risk of identity theft. The embassy can assist you with the replacement of your travel documents so you can travel back home. The normal passport fees are collected from applicants for replacement passports.
A passport is a very valuable piece of identification. Individuals carrying passports of the Commonwealth of Dominica are advised by immigration officials to secure their passport and other travel documents at all times, especially when abroad. Any citizen with a lost or stolen passport must report the incident to the local police both in Dominica and abroad, to reduce the threat of identity theft, and facilitate travel to and from Dominica.