Dominica Passport

All Citizens of Dominica are eligible for a Dominica passport. Since 1993 Dominica passport for sale and foreigners can apply for it through Dominica citizenship by investment program. Person are considered citizens of Dominica if they have been born there, or acquired citizenship through naturalization by marriage, naturalization through the residency program (5 year) , naturalization through parentage ( one or both parents are Dominica born) and naturalization through the Dominica economic citizenship (passport by investment) program. One you have become naturalized citizens of Dominica you are eligible for a Dominica passport.

The Dominica passport is a useful travel documents in that under the current diplomatic relations (with other countries) Dominica has established visa- free travel to over 100 countries in the world. Including: all CARICOM member countries, United Kingdom, Singapore, Aruba, Hong Kong, to name a few. As Dominica is a member of the CARICOM (Caribbean community) a Dominica passport is readily accepted across the Caribbean regions as a travel and identification document.

By 2009, Dominica passport administrative departments (under immigration ministry) moved to suspend the issue and the use of “hand written” passport; and introduced the machine readable (coded) Commonwealth of Dominica passports for two main reasons: to prevent passport fraud by making replication and alterations difficult and to meet international travel requirements and standards where by passport should be machine reader with several security and identifying features.

The current Dominica passport for citizens is enclosed with a navy blue jacket (diplomatic and other special passports are issued in other distinguishable colours) with the national crest embossed onto the front t cover and the CARICOM logo atop (standard for all CARICOM passports). Inside the Dominica passport, the bearer’s information is computer printed with all specific and detail on the bearer with a computer generated likeness of the bearer. In addition to this there are several security features within the documents itself.

The process for applying for Dominica passport is a streamlined process, where the normal processing time for Dominica passport is two (2) weeks, yet sometimes the backlog of application does cause some delays. However, in an emergency, for example in the case of a medical emergency, passports can be processed almost immediately, or within two to three working days.

The documents required to apply for Dominica passports are:

  • Completed Application Form (PDF)
  • Treasury receipt as proof of payment of application fee. Dominica passport application fees are paid at the Treasury Department. At the treasury (a birth certificate and a marriage certificate (if the female applicant is married) must be presented with payment)
  • Two recent passport sized photos (45mm x 38mm or 1 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches). Passport photos must adhere to the following standards as set out by passport office:
    • Image must be between 3mm and 5mm from top edge and chin must be between 10mm and 12mm from the bottom edge of photograph and must include the shoulder;
    • Photo should neither be under exposed or over exposed;
    • Background colours: white, light grey, light blue, light brown, beige;
    • There must be contrast between image and background (e.g. no white shirt on white background or light grey shirt on light grey background, etc.);
    • No shirts with bold prints; no military shirts or camouflage;
    • No sleeveless/tank tops;
    • Chest area must be covered;
    • No shades or dark sunglasses;
    • No head coverings except in the case of Muslims;
    • Facial expression must be neutral (person may smile but mouth must not be open);
  • Original and copy of birth certificate.

As of 2011, the Dominica passport application fees were:

  • Children under 16 years of age: EC $50.00
  • Adults: EC $100.00
  • Lost/Stolen passports: EC $400.00

When you apply for Dominica passports for the first time, you must interview with the Inspector of Immigration. A process to verify identity, and to educate on the uses and offences for misuse of passports. In the case of overseas applications for a Dominica passport, the interview is conducted at the Dominica Consulate office.

Often, the applicant for the Dominica passport resides abroad and an intermediary in Dominica is assigned to pick up the new passport, in this case, persons collecting passports on behalf of an applicant must have a written notarized order (done in the presence of a Notary Public) from the applicant. This applies even if the person brought in the application form on behalf of the applicant.

If your Dominica passport is lost, stolen or damaged you must report this to the Immigration Department in Roseau, the nearest Police Station or the Dominica Consulate.

Dominica passports unlike some other territories, are valid for a period of ten years if the bearer is over 16 and five years if the bearer is younger than 16.